Some Thoughts on the Recipes Selected and Shared

  • Our gut health is critical.
  • All recipes are gluten/soy/corn free and are minimally processed.
  • Probiotics and digestibility are emphasized.
  • The focus is on nutrient density, sourcing and taste.
  • Life is too short to eat stuff that is “good” for you but not delicious.
  • Intent is essential.

Some of these recipes do appear in my cookbook, but many are new. I love cooking up new twists on old favorites and I don’t post recipes that doesn’t pass muster with my family (including my kids).

But the most important aspect of cooking is intent. I try to cook with love and care. Be mindful and relaxed when you eat. I believe this allows our body to optimally absorb the nutrients/enzymes and healing from our meals.

The most important change you can make to improve your health is to get into the kitchen.

You don’t need to cook well or perfectly. The simple act of being in the kitchen can dramatically change our current food system. Every single day, we have the chance to influence how our food is grown, distributed by where we spend our money and time.

As Joel Salatin says, “The food system that we have right now is the summation of decades of billions and billions of individually made decisions: to buy a Snickers bar and not this, or buy potato chips instead of potatoes and lard and make them yourself,”

Let’s start a revolution and start cooking!




See what people are saying…

I first ordered Lisa’s Counter Culture in the e-book version and it surpassed my expectations!! Then I knew (as a book lover) I needed to buy the actual book. I love it. I get overwhelmed easily but Lisa’s recipes, explanations, and tips are written in such a way that I feel excited about trying everything and not overwhelmed at all. I don’t usually buy cookbooks because they are filled with so many “filler” recipes, but this book has no filler recipes. They are all tested and true 🙂 Everything you need to begin or enhance your Real Foods lifestyle and to improve your health with great tasting foods packed with nutrition, is in this book. I definitely recommend it.

Cory M.

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