Tips for Successful Fermenting 

  • High-quality, pesticide-free ingredients (organic preferred)
  • Antibiotic-free milk, as antibiotics will kill lactic-acid bacteria (grass-fed raw milk is best)
  • Filtered water without fluoride or chlorine (both kill lactic-acid bacteria)
  • Unrefined, high-mineral salt
  • Cover the jar to block UV light (do not cover the airlock)
  • Salt is important. Follow the guideline and do not omit it.
  • Follow the specifications for duration time for each ferment recipe
  • Follow the specifications for temperature for each ferment recipe
  • If temperatures are too cold in your home, try a seedling heat mat.
  • Properly store your ferment for optimized LAB levels.
  • Remember most ferments are condiments, so use small portion sizes, especially when first starting to add these to your diet



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